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Give Love, We Make Progress Together
Give Love, We Make Progress Together
2017-12-06 12:29:45   Click Time(s):5614 次
Our company is committed to the development of sports equipment research, but also pay attention to other aspects of social development. And Zhenhan donated some sports equipment to the primary schools in the Lin'an District. 

The donation activity aims at letting children enjoy sports activities and creating a healthy and happy environment for children. It has far-reaching significance for the healthy growth of children. At the same time, it is another concrete manifestation of Zhenhan fulfilling its social responsibilities and giving back to the society. 

In addition, our company also donated grants to some impoverished students. Children are the flowers of the motherland, the motherland's future depends on them to work hard to build, so Zhenhan should help them to create a good learning environment. The love donation is Zhenhan practice the entrepreneurial spirit of "doing something for others, doing something for the community." In the future, Zhen Han will also carry out more public welfare activities to help more people in need of help.







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